bona vacantia

"Bona Vacantia" literally means vacant goods and is
the legal name for ownerless property that passes
to the Crown. We administer the estates of persons who
die intestate without known kin and collect the assets
of dissolved companies and failed trusts. Once we have
traced the surviving heir we will work with you on creating
a valid family tree to prove your connection to the estate,
and then work with you on submitting your claim on
an estate.

If someone from Lineage has contacted you it is because
you could be related to someone who has died without
leaving a valid will or next of kin and their estate has been
handed to the Government. At Lineage we investigate these
types of estates and try to locate the deceased's closest living
blood relatives that they can benefit from any inheritance
that may be due to them.

One of the first things we need to do after we have
initially contacted you, is to establish that are actually
the person we are looking for. To do this we will ask you
a series of questions about your family history and validate
this with the research we have already done.

At Lineage we pride ourselves in being an open
and upright company and we always do our best to answer
any questions that you may have. However when we first
get in touch with you we may not be able to answer all
the questions you have.

For example we will not always be able to give out details
of who has died or how you are related to them until we
have confirmed that our research is correct and you are
an entitled heir to the deceased's estate.

Once we have validated all the facts and established
that you are an entitled heir we ask you to sign a contract
that allows us to submit a claim on your behalf.
The contract that we will ask you to sign is an agreement
that we will be paid commission in exchange for the work
we either have done or will do in establishing your
entitlement to a share of an estate. Any commission due
to us will be paid from the estate and not by you.

Our commission will be a percentage of the money that
is due to you from the estate. This means that if you are
found not to be entitled to a share, then there will be
nothing due to us either. If your share of an estate is only
small then you can be assured that our commission will
still be less than the money you will get.

Once your claim is submitted, and the administration
complete, the money will be distributed amongst the heirs
and at the end of this process we are paid commission.
We will not ask for payment until you get your inheritance.