Genealogy Research & Tracing

Lineage offers a complete genealogy research and tracing service,
we offer fast tracing of family members. As probate research specialists,
we have access to an international array of historical records, including probate
records and wills. We also have associates in countries across the world globe
who perform overseas research, if a relative had family members
living in other countries.

Family history packages are provided for those who inquire into their
family history. If people need information about specific relatives
(birth, marriage, death certificates, registration cards etc...) we will be able
to provide them; we will also be able to build a complete family tree for people
going back two to four or five generations.

Our Professional Research Services

The research team is ready to assist with any genealogy research project large
or small. Our genealogists are highly qualified with many years of professional
genealogy research experience in a wide variety of areas including the following:

  • Family History Records
  • Immigration research
  • Probate Research
  • Scottish and Irish Heritage
  • Dutch Records
  • Military History
Family Memories
family research
family research