Missing or Unknown Heirs

Are you a lawyer or executor who needs to find the location
of a missing heir named in a will, or in the case of an intestate death,
do you need to trace next of kin and beneficiaries?

Over time, families can drift apart and relatives lose touch, after a while
the gaps become even wider until all contact is lost. In intestacy cases,
the deceased was perhaps the last surviving member of a family branch.
Probate researchers at Lineage are experts in the field of probate research.
Our process is to go back through the family generations and discover
the last traceable family connection. The surviving heir to an estate could
be a distant relitive who has moved away or even emigrated abroad.
Once we have traced the surviving heir we will work with you on creating
a valid family tree to prove your connection to the estate and then work
with you on submitting your claim on an estate.

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probate research
probate research